Don’t Litter Your Writing With Trifles

       What is littering your time and attention? Is it unpaid bills or
       angry creditors? Is it an angry spouse or kids that are running out
       of control while you are trying to do your writing?
       Writers must tidy up these distractions that are littering their
       attention before they start writing. What I try to do is to pay all
       my bills at the same time each month and then I can focus on my
       writing without worrying. When my spouse is angry or things
       aren’t write between us, I talk to him right away and get things in
       the open. I don’t allow my emotions to fester.
       Such distractions can really litter our thoughts thus clouding
       our thinking processes. When we write, we need to be clear
       minded. This is necessary to write good prose that isn’t full of
       errors and omissions.
       Thus, it is really necessary that writers empty their minds
       before writing. How can a writer empty his/her mind? One of the
       best ways that I know is to meditate. You could engage in any
       kind of meditation. There is no specific kind that works best.
       While in the meditative state, put all of your cares and worries on
       an imaginery shelf.  Promise yourself that you will deal with them
       later. But not now! This is your writing time and you are going to
       keep to it.
       This is one way to get rid of all of your mental clutter before
       writing. It is so important to do this before your writing session.
       Since without it, your mind will wander, and before you know it,
       an hour will go by and you won’t have anything done.
       So, be kind to your writing schedule and to yourself by refusing
       to be derailed by your mental clutter.
       ~ Irene


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