This week in focus….

       This week, I will move on from pondering how to write
       children’s books and articles to how to brand yourself as a writer.
       It is important for writers not to write in all areas at the beginning
       in order for them to be sought out as a particular kind of writer.
       Last week, I had an aha experience. In one of my various
       teleclasses with the Children’s Writer’s Coaching Club, I learned
       that writing for more than one audience at a time at the beginning
       can be a recipe for disaster and possibly failure. Taking that to
       heart, I had to reorganize my writing goals this weekend and now
       I think I am much more on track and I feel lighter and more
       I will also be writing about the various clutters and distractions
       that writers have to avoid in order to write consistently and
       successfully. We all can litter our minds and time with trifles that
       will eat hours of good writing time up. These hours can be used to
       write new material, revise old material, or to send out queries.
       Lastly, I will be discussing a topic that is a bit controversial
       which focuses on overly negative mentors and coaches. If you
       have a mentor or coach who is overly negative and who is always
       making you feel terrible about yourself, (s)he may be doing more
       harm that good. It may be time to move on and find another
       more positive mentor. Negative mentoring is much more
       deleterious to your development as a writer than no mentoring at
       Have a great week!
       ~ Irene


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