Creating a Story Answer

       What will be the resolution to your question story? In most
       cases, all a writer needs is one sentence to answer her story
       question. That will give the story even more focus.
       Many writers take a while to answer the story question. They
       may find that they have a few story questions at first. That is okay
       and understandable in the beginning. Just write down as many
       story questions and answers that come to mind. There is no need
       to censor at this point.
       You may find that brainstorming the answer to your story
       question by writing down as many story answers as come to mind
       at first would really be helpful.  If you write down ten story
       answers, this will actually give you a real chance to determine
       which story answer is the best fit for your story question.
       This may seem to be two additional steps that some picture
       book writers may want to resist because they may feel that it is a
       waste of time. This cannot be further from the truth. I have found
       that by pondering the story answer, I wrote a much more focussed
       book. The earlier you figure out your story answer, the easier it
       will be for you to know what is extraneous to your story and what
       is necessary.
       While you’re writing your story, keep your story question and
       answer right in front of you and refer to it constantly. This process
       will enable you to write a very focussed story that you can be
       proud. The focus of a picture book is crucially important to its
       success of telling a well rounded story.
       So take the time to formulate your story answer. If you do, you
       will write a picture book that will keep you on track and focussed.
       ~ Irene


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