Creating a Proper Story Frame

       Versatile picture books must be about something bigger than an
       incident. The story problem must explore some larger theme or
       issue. It must have a lot of truth about the world and about life.
       The process of building a story is very much like building a
       house. A carpenter cannot put up the walls until he builds a frame
       and a foundation. The frame holds up the walls. The frame also
       supports the roof, and determines the shape of the house.
       Your story frame will determine everything the plot,
       characters, ending, word usage, the beginning, and so on. Before
       you start writing your story, you must determine what your story
       frame is. To create your story frame, you don’t need expensive
       tools like a builder does. All you need is imagination and words.
       Both of these things can be acquired for free by taping into your
       feelings, attitudes, and values about a certain topic.  That will also
       give your story the proper uniqueness that it really needs in order
       for it to be accepted by an editor. Editors are usually looking for
       new and exciting twists on common topics.
       So, before you start writing, sit down and really create the
       frame for your story. This will take some time. But be patient. Go
       with the flow. Don’t force it.  Then you will have a picture book
       that will be well worth writing and will be praised by many
       Good luck in creating your story frame!
       ~ Irene


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