Creating an Ideal Kid’s Story

       Picture books must be enjoyed by both kids and adults. This is
       because kids listen to their parents read to them. And parents are
       adults who have to endure reading the same book over and over
       Because of this, it is really important that the picture book is
       well written, has great rhythm and cadence, and really has a great
       point of theme, one that an adult will enjoy reading and that the
       child will enjoy listening to.
       Too often, picture books stories appeal mostly to the child.
       Therefore, the readers get to dislike the book so much that they
       have to stoop to many immature tactics to avoid reading such
       books to kids, such as hiding the books under the bed, tucking
       them behind others books or just having the book mysteriously
       There are also some picture books that appeal to the adult
       reading the story but is not as appealing to the child. This makes
       the child’s bedtime really stressful and sooner or later the child
       doesn’t want to have that book read over and over unless the
       parent finds a way to bride the child in some way with a snack
       before bed or some other incentive.
       Probably the most difficult part of writing a picture book is to
       write a book that will be loved by both child and adult. It is
       extremely difficult to bring this kind of balance about when
       writing. What is most necessary is for the writer to write a story
       that has depth and breadth. 
       This week I will talk about how writers can create such a story. I
       hope that you enjoy my posts and are encouraged to write a story
       that has these two chief characteristics.
       ~ Irene


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