Spring has sprung …. New Beginnings

       Spring is my favourite season of the year.  During this time, I
       am most creative, and this year is proving to be the same.
       Since it is April 1st, I think it is time to look forward to the
       spring and to the nice weather, at least in this part of the world.
       We have had a long, dark and cold winter. And now it is time for
       all of this to change for the better.
       As all the trees and blossoms try to come back to life, I feel
       myself as a writer coming back to life too. I love writing outdoors.
       I spend a good hour or so outside each and every day. In the
       backyard, I have a gazebo where there are comfortable chairs and
       a table. I also have a swing. I love swinging back and forth. Its
       amazing how many nifty ideas I get for manuscripts and books
       while on my swing.
       Also, as new leaves and flowers are forming outside, my mind
       becomes fertile with new ideas. I love staring out my window and
       just writing as many ideas as pop into my head for writing. I jot
       down quite a few unique ideas for stories and books. And many of
       them make it into final form within a few months to a year.
       In fact, I usually plan all of my new ideas for manuscripts in the
       spring.  I feel so fertile with good ideas.  This is the best time of
       year for me as a writer. It feels so good to be coming up with all of
       these new ideas. And I feel most connected as a writer during this
       time as well.
       What is your favourite season as a writer?  When do you come
       up with new ideas for books and articles?  If it is spring, you will
       be busy too during this time of year.       
       To a great spring!
       ~ Irene


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