Picture Books are Written to be Read Aloud

   Writers of picture books have to think about their audience as they are
   writing. There are so many different people who will be reading your picture
   book, from movie stars to just ordinary folks who are trying to put their kids
   to bed.
   Since this is the case, your words must give the reader plenty of
   opportunity to sound dramatic and interesting so that the child and the adult
   reading the book won’t be too bored. This the difficult to bring about at first.
   But with practice, you will become a master at it.
   Here are a few tips as to how to do that. 
   1.  Avoid using words that even adults may have problems pronouncing.
   2.  Write short, punchy sentences to keep the action moving and the
   interest alive.
   3.  Use a lot of dialogue. And don’t tell but show your message in the
   4.  Use a lot of words with sensory details.  Show something feels through
   by using vivid words and catchy phrases.
   5.  Try to write in a poetic manner as much as possible. Understand poetry
   and know how to use it in your writing. It will really help to get your
   message across.
   So, try some of these tips when writing your next picture book
   manuscript. You should have a manuscript that is really rhythmical and
   interesting for children. And the adults will enjoy reading them as well.
   ~ Irene


2 thoughts on “Picture Books are Written to be Read Aloud

  1. I agree! Recently read aloud a picture book (rhyming) to three different sixth grade sections, and I stumbled over the same line every time! Guess what? That line wasn’t working!

    Nice lesson in that(plus students volunteered solutions of their own that DID flow much more nicely).

    Love your posts as always!

  2. Hi Keith,

    What a great tip! I know I do that all the time too. I read my picture book manuscripts out loud. And if something is hard to read, I change it.

    Thank you for stopping by! Please visit again.


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