Making the Revision Process Enjoyable

   Revision is very difficult for most writers. It can be tedious and boring. Today, I will
   reflect on how to make the process much more enjoyable.
   First, make sure that you know how to revise the particular manuscript that you
   are revising. If you are revising a picture book manuscript, make sure that you
   know what to do to make the manuscript better.
   Second, once you know how to revise the manuscript, you can relax and enjoy
   the process.  You can do this by, first, taking your time. Don’t rush and don’t feel
   that you have to get a manuscript out.  If at all possible, try to ease into the
   Third, don’t count the number of redrafts that will be needed before you have a
   polished manuscript.  Just redraft the manuscript until it is so polished that you are
   proud of it. Even for expert authors this takes a very, very long time.
   Fourth, your self-esteem as a writer shouldn’t depend on the number of redrafts
   of your manuscripts. Instead, feel good about every step of your revision. Every
   time you redraft a piece, your self-esteem as a writer should get stronger and not
   Fifth, revision isn’t a waste of time as it may first seem. It is a learning process
   and as you revise you learn how to be an improved writer. So, revision can
   help you master the skill of writing in whatever genre you are writing.
   Over the last few weeks, I have come to view revision in a brand new way. I
   have started viewing the redrafting process as a cleansing process of sorts that is
   very much like reorganizing a drawer or a room after things have been thrown on a
   desk or bed. The purpose of this process is to make sure that things that are
   supposed to be in a drawer, for instance, are there and things that aren’t supposed
   to be there and are cluttering a drawer can be gotten rid of. I find this image really
   helps me.
   So fellow writers, try to work on enjoying the revision process. Most of our job as
   writers will focus on revision. We may as well come to terms with it and love the process.
   When you start loving the process, you will start growing as a writer every time
   you revise a manuscript.
   ~ Irene


10 thoughts on “Making the Revision Process Enjoyable

  1. Thanks for the tips, Irene.

    What I find hard about the editing process is deciding which critiques to take seriously and which ones to ignore.

    In general, I don’t mind the editing process.

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