The Difference Between Picture Books and Magazine Articles

    One of the chief differences between magazine articles and picture books
   is that picture books are read over and over while magazine articles are only
   read once or twice. This means that it is essential for picture books to be
   written just perfectly so that the adult reading the book won’t get bored with
   the book and the child will look forward to her bedtime story.
   In order to do this, the picture book author must write with rhythm and
   cadence. This is difficult for a novice to achieve at first, and it may take quite
   a few redrafts to achieve. The picture book must be interesting, and even
   have a cute spin on the topic. That will entice both the adult who is reading
   the book and the child listening to the message as it is read.
   Other picture book authors are masters of rhyming text. They write their
   manuscripts rhyming words on each page, and that gives the text flare and
   excitement. Its almost as if the words jump right off the page and excite the
   reader and the listener. Kids love rhymed picture books. But they are hard to
   Naturally, part of the excitement of a picture book is expressed through
   the illustrations and paintings in the book. Great picture books are made up
   of text and illustrations and the illustrations are there so that the text could
   come alive.  And illustrators are masters at bringing text together in this
   important fashion.
   This is one of the main reasons why picture books are so difficult to write.
   I know with myself, it will take a long time before I master the many skills
   that go into writing the perfect picture book.  But I have such a love for
   picture books that I know that I will persevere so that I will over time write
   quite a few picture books. 
   So, make sure that you’re patient to make sure that I get your picture book
   manuscripts just right. You will be so glad that you did.
   ~ Irene


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