Success Journalling

   Today, I will take a break from my theme of how to write children’s books
   and reflect on success journalling.
   Actually, I just came across this concept in one of Suzanne Lieurance’s
   Morning Nudge instalments.  I kind of heard of gratitude journalling.
   However, I never heard of success journalling.
   To start a success journal, all you have to do is buy a notebook and write
   “Success Journal” on the front page, and you are all set. Date the first page of
   your journal, and start recording all of your success, small and large.
   The frequency of your success journal isn’t as important as the fact that
   you have one and that you take the time to record all of your successes in it.
   But what if you don’t have a success on a particular day or few days?  What I
   usually do in that situation is I still take the time to journal but I use my
   journal in a slightly different way. I write about any obstacles that I am
   experiencing with a project, be it a book or an article. I may feel down
   because I got a rejection letter about an article or book. If so, I journal about
   that feeling and also about how I could improve my manuscript.
   So, I have two parts to my success journal I have a section where I could
   record all of my successes and a section to record all the feelings and
   emotions that I am experiencing about a project. Why that is in my success
   journal is because it makes me feel so much better to actually think through
   the plot or the structure of a manuscript. The success is that after writing
   about my problem, the problem seems to dissipate and I feel much more able
   to tackle the manuscript or article.
   So, if you haven’t started a Success Journal yet, I would suggest that you
   do. And while you are at it, don’t forget to celebrate today and have a good
   time because it is St. Patrick’s day, the day on which there are only two types
   of people, the Irish and one’s who want to be.
   And I have an added reason to celebrate today.  It’s my Birthday!  Here’s
   to the beginning of my celebrations for the day!
   Happy St. Patty’s day Everyone!
   ~ Irene


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