Putting Yourself in a child’s place

        It is sometimes for adult writers to put themselves into the child’s
        world in order to write most effectively for them. But I think this is
        absolutely for a writer to be successful to reach children successfully.
        There are several ways that writers could do this.  I will talk about a
        few ways today.
        1.  Writers should realize that everything is new in a children’s life.
        They haven’t been torn by life yet, and so they have an innocence and a
        radiance that few kids have when they grow older.
        So, when you write for kids, you must capture all of this innocence
        and radiance in your writing otherwise kids won’t be as interested in
        your books.
        2.  Children become intimately familiar with everything around
        them, even the smallest smell and sound. So, writers must also practise
        to have this kind of perspicacity.
        One way to practise this is to be open to everything around you
        when you enter into a store for instance. Listen to the sounds in the
        store, smell the smells that are overpowering, and watch the people.
        This will give you a bit of a window into a child’s perception and you’ll
        be more readily able to write for them.
        3.  Children aren’t afraid to be foolish so we should have times when
        we allow ourselves to be foolish as well. You may want to only practise
        this some of the time, but make sure that you do sometime.
        You may want to do this by getting on your hands and knees.  Feel
        the floor? Feel the couches, chairs, and so on.  How is the view from
        down there? 
        I love putting myself in a child’s purview for a few minutes. It so
        helps me when I am writing for children.
        ~ Irene


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