Reflections for the week

       As most of you know by now, I recently adopted a new fury
       writing buddy. He is now seven weeks old and he is so full of
       energy and love. He also teaches me to pace myself and to take
       time for the important things in my life.
       It’s strange that a kitten can teach a writer so much. But just
       watching my kitten teaches me a lot about life that I take for
       granted. Here are a few things that he shows me:
       1.  That love is much more important than a completed task.
       2.  That sometimes taking time away from the desk is a good
       thing, and it could give you perspective too.
       3.  That taking time to just be is so important for a writer.
       Without it, you are lost in an avalanche of continuous thoughts
       that may take you nowhere.
       4.  That life is about making each moment special and genuine.
       5.  That it is important to take time to breath deeply and to live
       6.  That all of God’s creatures should get enough sleep since
       without it we run on empty.
       7.  That we should take time to have fun.  Without fun, we are
       boring creatures.
       8.  That we should take the time to look at things with intensity
       and genuinely. 
       I only adopted Tobey four weeks ago, and he has already
       taught me so much.  And is he ever growing too!
       ~ Irene


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