Completing The First Draft of Your Picture Book

   Writing first drafts of picture books is probably the most enjoyable thing
   that you will do. After that, your task will become much more arduous and
   I love the creative energy that goes into first drafts. There is an excitement
   that you want to get the story down and that your story is a good one. Most
   writers have a lot of self-confidence when they write first drafts that seems to
   disappear when they start revising and put on their critical caps. 
   Over the years as a writer, however, I have learned not to become too
   enthusiastic when I write first drafts.  Instead, I try to be level-headed about
   the process that is involved in putting all of the finishing touches on a picture
   book story. It takes a long time to produce a picture book, from start to
   After the initial writing process is complete, then you must shape your
   draft into a publishable manuscript.  This process can be very time-
   consuming and difficult, requiring patience and perspicacity.  And when you
   are a beginner, you will have to be extra patient.
   The revision process of your picture book will take a very long time.
   However, this process is necessary in order for you to publish your book. In
   fact, when you are willing to endure this process with equanimity and
   patience, it will move you from being an amateur writer to a professional.
   Professional writers know how long it takes to write a picture book, and
   they are willing to put in the time and energy that is required to do so. I sure
   hope that you will take the necessary time and have the necessary patience
   that is necessary to write a publishable picture book.
   There is nothing like the feeling of receiving your book contract with a
   publisher.  You will be so glad that you took the time that was necessary to
   complete the book in a professional manner. 
   Good luck on writing your first draft!
   ~ Irene


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