Book Review

 Writing Picture Books
   By Ann Whitford Paul
   I just read a wonderful book about writing picture books from story creation to
   publication.  It is such an invaluable for any writer who is writing picture books that I
   thought I would include it as part of my blog today and I will be blogging about different
   topics contained in this book over the next few weeks.
   Writing picture books requires that writers develop a unique set of skills. Many
   beginning writers may think that it is easy to write picture books. There are only thirty-two
   pages and around 600 to 800 words contained in a picture books and, therefore, it would
   seem that it would be easier to write them.
   This is the furthest from the truth however.  I am in the process of writing a few picture
   books myself and I can certainly attest to how difficult it is to write one. For one thing, the
   text must be tightly focussed, yet it must leave ample room for illustrations to tell part of the
   story. This is quite difficult for beginners to master.
   I know for myself, I always have to create mock pages with the text and sketches of the
   illustrations for myself as I am writing.  Until I saw my picture book that clearly from scene
   to scene, my picture books weren’t written properly.  But now that I came across Paul’s
   book, I am sure that I will be able to write publishable picture books for kids.
   In the book, she covers the following topics:
   1.  How to generate ideas, how to create characters, points of view, beginnings and
   endings, plotting, word counts, rhyme and much more.
   2.  How a writer of picture books can use poetic techniques that will enrich his/her
   writing and give the manuscript rhyme.
   3.  How to revise a text. Paul provides the reader with exercises to help identify problems
   and to improve her picture book manuscripts.
   4.  Tips on researching the picture book market and how to approach publishers with
   your manuscripts.
   If you want write excellent picture books, I suggest that you go to your local book store
   and buy this very important and informative book.  You will be very glad that you did.
   ~ Irene


3 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. Thanks, Irene for your mention of my book. I’m so glad you’ve found it helpful and appreciate all your doing to spread the word . . .

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