Writing for Children Gives Writers a Lot of Different Paths to Choose From

   Children’s writers have many different paths to choose from when it
   comes to choosing their niche for writing.  I personally love that so much
   because I have as yet to really decide which genre of writing I really focus on
   when writing for teens and tweens.
    I do know that I am leaning towards writing for adolescent girls. I have
   just recently started a blog specifically for girls.  It is at: www.adolescentgirlsblog.wordpress.com. If you are interested on topics about self-esteem and
   self-confidence in girls, please visit. And leave a comment to.  I would love to
   hear from you.
   I think that it is so important for writers to write about what they are
   passionate about. Without being passionate about a topic, a writer’s
   manuscripts will be dull and uninteresting for the most part. It is so
   important for the writer to be totally drenched in the topic that they are
   I have hung around teen girls for years at the local YMCA and when I was
   teaching, and I have become very aware of their vulnerabilities, pains,
   hardships, and uncertainties. I also remember what it felt like to be a
   teenager. I was so fundamentally uncertain and vulnerable, and everything
   was so traumatic.
   So, this is the feeling that I take to my writing about the different topics
   that I write about. I try to put myself in the adolescent girl’s psychological
   space, so to speak, to determine what they may be feeling about different
   topics. This is so important when it comes to writing for teens.
   So, which topics interest you?  Once you determine what these are, you
   will able to write about them passionately.  In the meantime, do a bit of
   exploring and no matter what you write about, make sure that you put
   yourself in the teens place.
   Being empathic with a teen’s predicament is one of the best ways for you
   to write for them and not just about them. And this is the key to getting kids
   and teens interested in your writing and to keep reading your manuscripts.
   ~ Irene


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