Ensuring that Your Audience believes in You

   Writers who write for kids must develop a rapport with their readers. The
   only real way to do that is to write in such a way that you, as a writer,
   connect with your readers.
   To achieve this, you should get to know as many children as possible.
   What do they want, fear, and expect? What do they do in their day? What is
   usual and unusual behavior for them in different circumstances? How much
   free time do they have? What do they eat? When and where do they eat? Do
   they have their own phones? Do they have pets? And so on.
   It is perhaps best to know a few children well then to know many children
   slightly. You may find more revelation about a child’s point of view from one
   child than from a group. Children and teens are usually very demonstrative
   and honest about their feelings and emotions. They haven’t learned how to
   hide them or to lie about them.
   Children and teens do have things common, however. It will help in your
   writing greatly if you have a bit of background in child psychology, although
   it isn’t necessary. Most parents read reams on what to expect from children
   at each age of their life. Thus, a good book on parenting will probably give
   you as much information as you need for ideas on what to write about or
   even plots. Although theoretical knowledge is great, it is no substitute for
   friendships with children.  
   Here are a few things that kids and teens have in common and what I tend
   to write about:
   1.  Kids and teens like to read about things that will stretch them as
   2.  Kids and teens like to read about heros and how they can emulate those
   heros in their lives.
   3.  Kids and teens love to read about positive things, and they don’t enjoy
   to be put down through writing.
   4.  Kids and teens don’t like to read about things that demand that they do
   certain things. They like to be encouraged and convinced that something is
   5. Kids and teens love to learn new things and to look at things in a unique
   way. That will help stretch their mind and how they view things themselves
   that are important to them.
   6.  Kids and teens love to know about fun things and how to have fun as
   much as possible. So, it is very important for writers to write in a fresh way
   that will appeal to kids and teens.
   So make friends with a few kids and teens today in order to write material
   that is relevant to them.
   ~ Irene


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