Writers should believe in their readers

    Some authors for children and adolescents ‘talk down’ to their readers.
   For such writer, an aura of condescension tends to permeate their writing.
   And this is like nauseating medicine for kids and adolescents. Such negative
   and ‘talked down’ writing can form an unappetizing sub-text that the reader
   will hate. Over time, the child will avoid your writing. Who would want to
   read a particular writer’s books and articles if the kid feels bad about himself
   after reading them?
   The purpose that I write for kids is to make them feel good about
   themselves and to be content and more fulfilled. Otherwise, my mission and
   purpose for writing is empty and void. Also, I feel that I have missed my
   mark as a writer.  Kids need nourishing and nurturing types of writing in
   order for them to feel much more self-actualized and self-confident.
   My purpose for writing for kids vary quite a bit. But one thing that
   propels me forward to write for kids is that I remember all too well how
   uncertain I felt during adolescence. My body was changing at an alarming
   rate, and I sometimes I wasn’t even able to recognize myself. My mind and
   attitudes were changing and I was trying to get on my own two feet,
   however badly at first. I wanted to challenge all of my mother’s and father’s
   beliefs and values. I just wanted so bad to be independent.
   But today, I think the challenges for teens and tweens are even greater in
   many ways. They live in a quick paced, technologically-driven world that
   espouses very few values. Kids are taught that it is best to excel through
   external appearances only. But this is far from sufficient for the tween and
   teen of this complicated century to develop into a completely rounded adult
   who won’t be swayed by this and that external message that is postulatssed
   by either the media or other external sources.
   For myself, the overall goals of my writing are as follows:
   1.  I want to reach as many teens and tweens as possible through my
   writing. I want my writing to show them that I really care about them
   unconditionally, and that I really know how difficult time of their lives this
   2.  I want to show my readers that this is also one of the greatest times in
   their lives. I want to show them that they should try to enjoy their lives by
   accepting themselves unconditionally.  This is so important and one of m
   y main goals as a writer.
   3. I also want to show my readers how they could love themselves
   unconditionally. This is also important for teens to develop in a world that is
   develop of self-nourishment and inner nurturance.
   4.  I want to help adolescents to develop self-esteem and self-confidence,
   two difficult traits to develop in the current culture. I hopefully will be able
   to instill these habits of celebrating their unique selves in my writing.
   5.  Kids need to be self-reliant. Through my writings, I always try to
   encourage teens and teens to not look for outside love and acceptance.
   Instead, they should accept themselves and love themselves unconditionally.
   So, I have many responsibilities as a writer for kids and teens. I feel very
   privileged to be writing for teens and tweens. I take my responsibility very
   ~ Irene


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