A Writer’s Attitude

   Writing stories for children requires an honest, passionate energy. It takes
   a lot to be a children’s writer. But it is so worth it.
   To write for children, you must care about the characters and you must
   offer a lesson that a child can relate to and learn from. The reader is never too
   distant when you write for children. The reader is usually right at your feet,
   on your knees, hanging over your shoulder, commenting by email on our
   plot, dashing off letters about words and style, calling you on the telephone,
   and entering into the world of your characters with the conviction that those
   characters are important and the reader has the right to engage with your
   story and with you.          
   Writing for children and young adults is your genre if you as a writer
   want to learn from children and teens, are flexible to their changing needs,
   and continually want to learn about new ways that they view the world and
   react to situations and stories.
   Writing for children and young teens also requires an intimacy that most
   writers of adult fiction and nonfiction do not need to have. Writing for
   children and young adults requires that the writer believe in the kids that
   (s)he writes for. The writer should also love children and know that they are
   the future and that the world is a much more wonderful place because kids
   are in it.
   For myself, I am so renewed by writing for children. I think that children
   are such wonderful sponges. They want to learn everything that there is to
   learn about many different topics and they love to just simply sit at your feet
   in order for them to feel like they are part of what you are writing. So, not
   only do I feel intimate with my readers, but my readers also feel intimate
   with me.
   I think one of the most wonderful genres of writing is writing for kids and
   teens. I am an academic writer and have been for a long time. Academic
   writing cannot offer such a wonderful feeling of completion that I feel when I
   write for kids.
   I hope that if you decide to write for kids that you feel the same way.
   Please let me know.


2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Attitude

  1. Very good information, I enjoy your posts. I linked to this from my blog today along with some of our club members. There is so much talent and inspiration we share with each other, I want readers to connect to us as well. Keep up this blog, it is going to be a winner.

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