Why Do Writers Write?

   Once an individual starts writing, its almost impossible for him/her to
   stop. Writing becomes a person’s passion, joy and compulsion. A serious
   writer writes at the bus stop, in the dentist’s office, in cafes, as well as on
   beaches, in lonely woods, at his computer, and sometimes even in bed. Some
   writers begin as hobbyists or recreational writers, jotting down ideas after
   work or on the weekends when they have a free hour. They may find
   themselves spending more and more time at the writing venture until they
   think about it most of the day.
   Other individuals begin their careers as professional writers, knowing
   they will commit their working lives to producing manuscripts, and so plan
   time for writing. Both recreational and professional writers can be
   compulsive about writing once they experience the zest and satisfaction that
   writing brings to their lives.
   Another reason that individuals write is because they want to be noticed
   or recognized as a unique and valuable person. You might also write hoping
   the stories you create will live forever and your life and energy will live on in
   those stories. You might write to discover yourself, for by writing, you often
   find out what is important, how you feel, and what you know. Perhaps you
   want to write to push your habits of thought farther from their usual paths
   and into different, challenging, even peculiar world of your imagination.
   Most writers have many different motivations for writing. Some writers
   are aware of what they feel and why they feel as they do. Others are aware
   only of their feelings after they have written their stories. You may not
   always be sure of your reasons for writing, but you will likely be convinced
   of your undeniable need to write.
   Many writers need to write like they need to eat each day. Writing
   becomes a act of renewal and constant wonder for the serious writer. Writing
   becomes something that serious writers engage in. And writers write each
   and every day write because they really want to and feel more fulfilled as a
   So, what are some of the reasons that you write? I look forward to hearing
   from you.


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