Writers Tend to Push Themselves too Much

   Most writers, myself included, aren’t very patient with themselves when it
   comes to writing. I know with myself, if something doesn’t work right away,
   I get quite desperate and even despondent. But why is this the case? Why
   can’t writers just be patient with themselves?
   I think that part of the reason is that writers think that they need to
   produce a lot of material in order to be successful. But that is not necessarily
   the case, unless they are writing academically. For the freelance writer, it is
   just important for him/her to write consistently and publish a few pieces a
   year.  That is good enough as a beginning. As writers become more and more
   experienced, we become able to write more and more material and publish
   more and more.
   In fact, it is important for writers not to push themselves if they don’t feel
   ready to start or to complete a project. I know that this sounds strange. But
   writers who push themselves to finish up a project when they aren’t ready to
   do so, don’t produce a piece of good and acceptable piece of work that will
   be published most times. So, maybe writers should give themselves a break
   more often.
   Forcing yourself to write can have really negative consequences for your
   self-esteem as a writer too. Most times, there are reason why you can’t seem
   to get a piece together. Most times, you are just not ready to put the finishing
   touches on the piece or to start a piece. Forcing yourself to finish it up won’t
   help anyone, and certainly won’t help your confidence as a writer.
   Therefore, it is crucially important that writers follow their hearts when
   starting or completing a piece.  If your heart is saying that you are either not
   ready to write a piece or to complete a piece, follow your intuition. A writer’s
   intuition is usually pretty accurate, and from experience, I have seen that it is
   especially accurate when it comes to this kind of thing.
   So, follow your heart and your intuition and to produce your best work.
   You will be glad that you didn’t force yourself!


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