The Last Common Writing Poison: People Tell me that I’m no good

    Many writers experience some harsh critics when they start off writing.
   This may be when we are part of critique groups or with friends. When we
   are new at writing, we may not be skilled enough at our craft yet.  However,
   this doesn’t mean that you have to give up or that their criticisms have to
   paralyse you into not writing.
   In fact, in order to become a good writer, you must write, even if you are
   not yet a good writer. You can only perfect your writing skills by
   writing nothing more or less. You cannot become a good writer overnight.
   But if you are just starting off, this shouldn’t stop you from writing
   confidently and without hangup from others.
   The point is that naysayers, skeptics and discouragers don’t need to stop
   you from writing. If they have worries, concerns or barriers, let them spell
   them out. Then make a plan to overcome them. If they have specifics for how
   your writing needs to be improved, bring them on as helpmates. But if all
   they do is say it’s impossible for you to write or get published, but won’t give
   you specifics to work with, tune the out.
   You should also consider the source of your critiques. If the critiques are
   done by a published writer or a writing coach who does this kind of work
   professionally, you will have to take such criticisms seriously in order to
   improve as a writer. This doesn’t mean that their comments have to
   paralyse your writing. They have to help it instead. Work with them and
   your writing will improve.
   If the people who tell you that you aren’t a good writer don’t write
   themselves and don’t know what a good article or book looks like because
   they’re not published themselves, don’t take their criticisms seriously. Just
   avoid them as much as possible. Some people are envious of those people
   who try to write. So, try not to hang around such people, at least not until
   you become a published writer.
   I believe that each writer who works hard at developing their craft can
   become a much better writer. And by becoming a better writer, you will excel
   at the craft of writing and become a published writer yourself. Once you get
   published, your confidence will grow to the point that you won’t be paralysed
   by those people who tell you that your writing isn’t good.



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