Do you think like a writer?

   Do you think like a writer? Or do you cruise using different thinking
   and coping caps, never really knowing where your intentions really are?
   These are difficult questions to answer without reflecting on how your
   mind set is when you write. In order to think like a writer, you must not
   write, but write with a particular purpose and intentionality. And that
   takes years to develop.
   I had the pleasure of listening to a wonderful teleclass that was
   presented by Nancy Sanders with the Childrens’ writers coaching club on
   January 14th about this topic.  Nancy suggested that when we think as
   writers, we must think of three things as we are writing.  We must think
   of: editors, queries, and new manuscripts.
   This means that every time we write a new manuscript or a new piece,
   we should be thinking of where we should be sending the manuscript and
   which publisher would be interested in it. We shouldn’t simply write on a
   topic because we are interested in writing for them without doing our
   Having said all of this, each week, writers must write new pieces. They
   must be thinking up new topics and determining what would be the best
   publishers and magazines for their work. But this takes constant
   research.  Therefore, it is important for writers to continue writing and
   researching with the purpose and intention of ultimately getting their
   manuscripts published.
   By the same token, writers should connect up with editors each week
   that may be interested in our writing, and talk to them, either on the
   phone or via email.  The important point is that we really do need to be
   making these contacts actively in order to really become published
    Lastly, we should send queries to publishers and magazine editors
    every week. We could do this by submitting queries online or sending
    queries in the mail. We have to make sure that we are aware of each
    publishers preferences and to follow them to the letter.
    If we start thinking this way, we will become published writers, and
    we will start thinking of ourselves as writers. Otherwise, we will simply
    be writing but publishing very little.
    So, what would you rather do? 
    Thank you Nancy for all this wonderful information! 
    If you are interested in purchasing this teleclass, please go to: and ask for January 14th’s teleclass by
    Nancy Sanders.


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