Another Writing Poison: I don’t have time to write

   This is a common reason who so many writers don’t write. They believe
   that they should have large swats of time to write and if they don’t have
   such times that they cannot write.
   Writer’s must revise such a defeatist attitude about their writing time. A
   writer could start their writing career with only one or two hours of writing
   a day. And the time can be scattered over the day. Consistency is the key.
   If you don’t have a large swat time within which to write, you must strive
   to write whenever and wherever you can, such as during the baby’s nap,
   before the children and spouse awaken, on the train commuting to work,
   over lunch at your desk, and so on. So, if you’re not writing, you shouldn’t
   blame your work, kids or lack of time.
   Anyone can write with a minimal amount of available time. Sometimes
   we have to fit writing into our life instead of fitting our life into our writing.
   Very few writers fall under the second category because most writers have
   to do other things other than write full time. So, here are a few tips for busy
   writers to get their writing done regardless of how little continued time they
   1.  Write in five to ten minute chunks. Getting a little writing done a few
   times a day can quickly add up. For instance, three ten minute writing
   sessions equals 30minutes of writing time!
   2.  Aim for writing consistently but not necessarily for long periods of
   time. Consistency will get the books and articles written.
   3.  You will never have a life that is totally free from distractions. So,
   write flexibly. Try to set up times when you won’t be disturbed, such as first
   thing in the morning or an hour before you go to bed. But if there are
   circumstances that stop you from writing even then, be flexible and write
   whenever you can.
   Remember that everyone has time to write a few minutes at a time each
   and every day. In fact, writers can’t afford not to write. Writing even for
   small periods of time can really help you write quite a few books. One of my
   writer friend’s wrote a book writing for ten to fifteen minutes every day for
   a year while her child napped every afternoon. So you can do it too.


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