Second Writing Poison: I don’t have anything original to say?

   Today, I will focus on the second writing poison that can really hamper
   our productivity as writers. Some of us feel that we don’t have anything to
   say about a particular topic that someone else hasn’t already said better
   than I have.
   That is a real defeatist attitude, one that must be eliminated if you are to
   write freely. Most topics have been written about, but each of us can bring
   a unique slant to a topic, one that hasn’t been tackled before. And it could
   shed new light on the topic.
   Maybe what you have to say is not revolutionary or that profound, ut how
   you say it might be profound because it is unique and new. If you can give
   your readers your own unique slant or take on a particular subject or charm
   then with your writing style, it won’t be so crucial for you to be original.
   In addition, originality is not for us to judge. We just must strive to write
   each and every day and do the best that we can to shed new light of old
   topics. Originality is overrated anyway since there is no such thing as an
   original idea.  However, there is such a thing as an original slant. And it is
   important for you as a writer to find it. Once you do, you will have an article
   or book that will be really unique and that will draw readers from all walks
   in life.
   As some of you know by now, I write academically as well as creatively.
   And I find with academic writing, a writer always has to try and research
   a new slant in a topic. That is where the originality comes in. Its not so
   much that a writer needs a new topic as a new ‘take’ on an older topic. That
   is what gives the writer the greatest chance of publication.
   The same holds for creative writing. Most topics have been tackled
   already. We just have to choose a slant that hasn’t been written about and
   write an article or book based on that slant. That way you will be delving
   deeper into the particular topic. And that is progress as far as research and
   writing is concerned.
   So fellow writers don’t fret and stew over originality and let it poison your
   writing. Above all, write. Don’t worry about writing about something totally
   new because there are very few topics that are brand new. Our unique
   angle, however, will make our articles and books marketable.


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