Giving Yourself Rewards

   Yesterday, I had the privilege of listening to a very insightful and
   wisdom-filled teleclass given by Nancy Sanders with the Children’s Writers
   Coaching Club. One of the things that she mentioned during her teleclass
   is the importance of giving ourselves rewards for writing goals that
   are successfully completed, even if they are short-term goals.
   I love that idea! I usually reward myself with a small piece of chocolate
   if I get a writing project completed and sent off. I think I will have to change
   my type of reward. Nancy suggested buying a dozen different pens, pencils,
   crayons, pads, post-it notes, and so on, and having them handy in a
   decorated box or basket for times that you have completed a project.
   So, this morning, I went off to a stationary store and bought a whole
   bunch of stationary, pens, pencils, a whole bag to be specific, and I put them
   in a wicker basket that I have in my study. I have the basket sitting on a
   book shelf facing my desk. That has propelled me to really work today and
   I have earned two rewards already!
   For myself, there is a psychological/emotional reason why small rewards
   keep me propelled and motivated to complete my writing tasks. When I was
   a young girl, my Mom always bought me a little gift when I did something
   that she asked me to do or when I helped around the house with chores. And
   the idea of giving myself rewards after completing a writing goal brings me
   to that positive place when I was so happy as a young girl. I remember how
   good I felt when I received a reward.
   So, now I am translating this positive feeling into completing my writing
   goals. I am so excited about this positive, almost childlike feeling that I get
   that helps me to feel so positive and uplifted. There is nothing more pleasant
   than creating positive boundaries around your writing. It inspires and
   motivates you to not only write every day, but to write enjoy the journey.
   So, go out to your local stationary store and buy six to twelve small items
   that you could use to reward yourself for a job well done. You will be glad
   that you did.
   For more information on the Children’s Writers Coaching Club, see:
   Have a great weekend folks!
   ~ Irene


One thought on “Giving Yourself Rewards

  1. Great post. I have Nancy Sanders book and it is filled with motivation and tips on becoming a published writer. Her ideas about rewarding yourself is such a fun tip. Who wouldn’t love a new pen or pad. Thanks for sharing.

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