Developing an Identity as a Writer

Developing an Identity as A Writer
November 30th, 2009

       Do you identify yourself as a writer? Part of me intuitively knew
       from a very early age that I would become a writer. When I was an
       adolescent, I loved to just sit quietly and write in my journal every
       day. On weekends, I used to write in my journal for hours at a time.
       And the activity made me feel peaceful.
       As I was growing up, I really enjoyed writing essays for English,
       Science, History, Geography and Religion. I just loved to write. That
       just about spoofed out all of my friends because they hated to write
       formal essays or to work on written projects.
       As time went on, I knew more and more clearly that I would
       become a writer later on in life. When people would ask me what I
       wanted to do when I grew up, I would tell everyone that I wanted to
       become a writer and a teacher when I grew up. People laughed at me
       at first until they learned that I was applying to go to University.
       And I was right about my vocation from the time of my
       adolescence. I did become a teacher and a writer. And I have been
       really grateful for those two vocations. I have been really happy and
       content in my life because of my two vocations.
       But some people aren’t as lucky.  It takes them quite a bit of time
       to identify as a writer. Is it easier for writers to write when they
       identify themselves as a writer? I think it does in the following ways.
       First, when you identify yourself as a writer, you will write on a
       consistent basis. Part of you will always want to write and the days
       that you don’t write, you will feel out of place and unhappy. For
       myself, there is always an inner stirring or a restlessness when I don’t
       write. And that propels me to write. 
       Second, if you identify yourself as a writer, you will be moved to
       write. In other words, when you identify yourself as a writer, you
       will be motivated to write. Its like writing will be inside of you and
       you will always be working on some writing in order to feel
       complete as a person. This is because writing makes you be who you
       are. Writing defines you and absolutely makes you feel like the best
       possible person that you could be. And that is the best thing about
       writing. The feeling of self-worth that you feel as a result of writing.
       I, for one, believe that writing is the best vocation in the world. It
       gives me so much peace, contentment, and happiness.  I only wish
       that I could pass on that positive feeling to all of my fellow writers
       who are reading this blog today.
       Happy writing!


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